Coffee and C++

14 Oct 2009. comments

Do you remember the first time you had coffee? A lot of people say their first experience with coffee was a bad one. It’s common to hear people say that coffee is an ‘acquired taste’. Maybe its the same with C++. Its a language that by modern language standards is archaic but still has widespread usage. Why? It turns out that coffee is pretty hard to stop drinking cold-turkey without some withdrawal symptoms. I think its like that with C++ and the software industry.

C++ is still extremely pervasive in many areas of our industry despite the benefits that other languages provide in both safety and productivity. Performance in many applications is also becoming comparable with JIT compiled languages. So why would people continue to use it when there are better alternatives? I think it really comes down to inertia. The gaming industry in particular is almost exclusively C++ because there are so many tools and engines that have been built in it and used by developers for decades.


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