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05 Jan 2013. comments

I’ve been thinking about getting into Android development for a while. My ultimate goal would be to make simple 2D games, but for now I’m just getting familiar with the ecosystem. I needed something to get my feet wet, so I chose to create something simple.

If you’re familiar with Stackoverflow you might also know they operate Careers 2.0. It’s a job search site tied in with Stack Overflow. This site only has a limited RSS feed for job seekers and no formal API for employer or resume/CV data. I chose to make an app that leverages that simple RSS feed so that people could search for jobs from their phone.

Here’s what parameters this simple RSS ‘API’ supports:

I made a quick-and-dirty app and 48 hours of effort later I had a first iteration suitable for release: Stack Careers

It’s nothing amazing but it does the job. I’d love your feedback and suggestions. The code is also up on Github: benlakey/stackcareers.


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